1. Forest Products Inventory and Appraisal

  1. Acquisitions
  2. Updating or Continuous Forest Inventory
  3. Tax and Asset Appraisal
  4. Utility Rights of Way Appraisal
  5. Management Planning
  6. Timber Trespass and Theft – Expert Testimony
  7. Carbon Sequestration

2. Forest Products Marketing and Sales

  1. Timber Sale Layout, marketing, sales and administration
  2. Log merchandizing, log scaling, marketing and sales

3. Total Forestland Multiple Use Management

  1. Total Investment Management on Annual Budgets
  2. Site Inspections and Contractor Coordination
  3. Managing Leased Users
  4. Boundary Line Retracement and Marker Maintenance
  5. Road Layout and Design
  6. Absentee Landowner Securities and Property Activity

4. Wildlife

  1. Food Plot Location and Design
  2. Harvest Layouts for Wildlife Habitat
  3. Hunting Stand Layout and Mapping
  4. Partnerships with NWTF and NRCS for Wildlife Plans

5. Recreational

  1. Location Design of Camping and Rental Cabin Locations
  2. ATV, Horseback, Hiking Trail Layout and Mapping
  3. Non Game Specie Habitat Design and Planning

6. GIS, GPS Mapping

  1. Boundary
  2. Management Stands
  3. Soils and Site Features
  4. Roads, Trails and Structures
  5. Hunting Stands, Food Plots and Club Zones